SIOS-InfraNor moorings deployed as part of Nansen Legacy cruise

Four SIOS-InfraNor moorings with lots of instruments measuring the inflow of warm, nutrient-rich Atlantic water north of Svalbard were deployed on a recent cruise with RV Kronprins Haakon. The cruise was a joint (ad)venture between SIOS-InfraNor, A-TWAIN and Nansen Legacy projects.

(Photo: Angelika Renner)

Black carbon measurements in the air and clouds at Zeppelin Observatory (AC/BC)

The 2019 SIOS access project AC/BC initiated the first longer-term measurements of  Black Carbon (BC) concentrations and properties in the air and clouds at the Zeppelin Observatory above Ny-Ålesund with an extended-range single particle soot photometer (SP2-XR; Droplet Measurement Technologies Inc.) – a newly developed and highly sensitive aerosol instrument designed to operate continuously and unattended.

Assessing the Svalbard snow cover using satellite data

A snow cover index for Svalbard - a time series of total snow-covered area - is highly relevant and of interest for a wide range of fields. It is challenging to map the snow cover for this region due to its large spatial and temporal variability and lack of observational data. By using satellite monitoring it is possible to get a better overview of the snow conditions on land.

Planned Maintenance

There will be maintenance on this site on December 23rd. All functionalities will be interrupted from 5pm for a couple of hours.

MV Ulla Rinman available for charter

The vessel MV Ulla Rinman, with home port in Longyearbyen, has been re-furbished by the new owners and is ready to be chartered for the 2020 season by researchers.


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