2nd Call for Multi-disciplinary Access to Environmental Research Infrastructures

ENVRIplus* offers opportunities for free-of-charge transnational access (TNA) for selected research groups and companies to a number of multi-disciplinary test platforms wishing to conduct research or test instruments for cross-disciplinary topics within the environmental domains: atmosphere, biosphere, marine, and solid earth.

The first SIOS working group up and running!

Many of the activities within the SIOS community will be organised through working groups. On November 15-16, the SIOS Data Management System (SDMS) Working Group was the first to meet at the SIOS Knowledge Centre in Longyearbyen (video streaming was arranged for those who could not be present). Eight partners that have committed resources to the development of SIOS data management attended the meeting and officially established the working group.

New SIOS Remote Sensing Officer

In beginning of November, Anna Maria Trofaier has started her work as remote sensing officer at SIOS. She grew up in Vienna, Austria and has a master in physics from University of Edinburgh, an interdisciplinary master in environmental technology and international affairs from Vienna University of Technology.

New website

The new website for SIOS has been published today. This is still under development and some functionality related to the data management functionality may not be fully working initially. We are working hard to resolve these issues. Further information will be provided.

Application to the call from the Research Council of Norway on new infrastructure of national significance

In October 2016, the Norwegian node of the SIOS Consortium, together with other Norwegian partners, sent an application to the Research Council of Norway in response to their call on new infrastructure of national significance: Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System - Infrastructure development of the Norwegian node (SIOS-InfraNor)


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