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Comparing spatial distribution of POPs in snow

The SIOS access project "Spatial VAriabiLity: VALidation dataset on POPs concentrations in snow (Sval-POPs)" was a collaboration between Gdansk University of Technology (Poland) and Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes (Italy). The project team consisted of Krystyna Koziol, Alice Callegaro, Filip Pawlak, Klaudia Kosek and Niccolò Maffezzoli.

Examining the Geomagnetic Cusp

Figure 1: Illustration of CAPER-2 trajectory through the cusp
of the Earth's magnetic field.

GENIUS - a scintillating monitoring project!

The TEC (Total Electron Content) in the atmosphere influences navigation signals sent out from satellites. By accurately measuring the satellite signal it is possible to deduce the electron content along the line of sight. With several measurement stations and the large amount of emitting satellites the TEC can be determined on a larger scale. These measurements are complementary to inner scale measurements, such as those being done from Sounding Rockets.

Great response to SIOS Access Call 2019!

The third call for access to SIOS Research Infrastructure received 29 applications. This is nearly 3 times as many as in the previous calls.


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