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How to add a request or offer

The aim of this tool is to make research activities more efficient economically, environmentally and in terms of researcher time and effort. This platform is designed to allow researchers to quickly post offers and requests in relation to their fieldwork in and around Svalbard. Other users can interact with the person who made the entry via the comment function, or by using the contact information provided.

You must be logged in to your SIOS account to post an offer or a request for logistical support. Click here to log in or create a user account. If you encounter any problems please contact the Access and Logistics Officer (logistics@sios-svalbard.org).

Your fieldwork will appear on the notice board once approved by SIOS-KC. To view the status of your entries go to "My account" and click on the tab "My fieldwork entries".

When you are logged in to your account just

E.g., 2020-07-14
Category: Request
Project name RiS ID Offer Type Contact Fieldwork dates Location name
Plant stable isotopes O
Tony Fox
Anywhere in lowland Svalbard


Project name RiS ID Offer Type Contact Fieldwork dates Location name
Lomonosovfonna Firn Aquifers and mass balance 3395
veijo pohjola
Lomonosovfonna / Nordenskiöldbreen
Hydro-condition of Werenskioldbreen 2020 11198 Checking an instrument, Other
Ela Lepkowska
2020-06-20 to 2020-07-02
the forefield of Werenskiold Glacier, in the Hornsund fjord region
Fieldwork assistance in Ny-Ålesund during Covid-19 travel restrictions URL Sample collection, Checking an instrument
Vera Sklet
Ny-Ålesund area