Frequently Asked Questions

Working groups (3)

There will be at least one physical meeting during the Polar Night Week. If the working group deems it necessary there may be other physical meetings, i.e. at a partner institute or other central places. Usually there is not more than maximum two physical meetings per working group. Physical meetings will typically be ½ or 1 day meetings.

Yes. We will have a SIOS Polar Night Week (PNW) in December. The aim with the PNW is to gather all working groups and others involved in SIOS in Longyearbyen for one week – as a forum for innovation and further development of SIOS and ESS in general. There will be working group meetings, discussion forums, task forces will be established etc. Read more about the Polar Night Week here:

There is an updated list of all of our current working groups on our website: Following the links for the working groups you will find their terms of reference and their current work programme.