Research Infrastructure Coordination Committee (RICC)

Contact and secretary for RICC:

The RICC directive is to

  • Organise the operational relations between the SIOS activity programme and the partner facilities.

The RICC work programme for 2020

  • Support the projects funded in the 2019 Access Call
  • Launch a new Access Call in 2020
  • Continue to develop logistical services for SIOS members
  • Work towards filling all relevant content in the SIOS Observation Facility Catalogue 
  • Make recommendations on SIOS RI investment

Associated task forces

  • There are no active task forces asscoiated with this working group.

Key achievements in 2019

  • Review of pilot access programme completed
  • Procedures for access programme improved 
  • New logistical services offered
  • Identified risks associated with access and logistics service for SIOS Rick Management Plan

News from RICC

RICC gained two new members in 2019 / early 2020. Archana Singh from the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research in India and Kolbjørn Blix from Andøya Space Center in Norway. Welcome to RICC, we look forward to working with you!

RICC held a physical meeting during Polar Night 2020. This was followed by a cross-working group meeting, which gave all the working groups the opportunity to discuss areas of overlapping interest and ways to improve communication between the groups. This will be followed up with regular meetings between the Board of Directors and the chairs of the working groups. 

Photo: RICC members and others in attendance at Polar Night Week 2020.



RICC leader

  • Angelo Viola National Research Council of Italy
    RICC leader

RICC members