Training course on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Svalbard

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This autumn, SIOS offers a training course on how to effectively use hyperspectral remote sensing data acquired from satellites, from airborne campaigns and from the ground, and their associated tools and software in the context of research in Svalbard. The course is intended for scientists, master/Ph.D. students and technicians with no or little experience with hyperspectral remote sensing techniques. The training will be delivered by remote sensing experts from SIOS member institutions, international researchers, and experts from industry.

  • Time: 6 September - 10 September 2021
  • Location: Online (Zoom platform)
  • Application deadline: 30 June


Goal of the training
The goal of the course is to teach participants the basic skills needed to acquire, analyse, and visualize hyperspectral data sets derived from aircraft and satellites.

Many field scientists from SIOS member institutions, have been working on research projects which would greatly benefit from the addition of a richer set of hyperspectral remote sensing viewpoints. However, they may lack the necessary training required to make easy but effective use of available data sets acquired by Dornier aircraft, tools, and software for hyperspectral data processing, and to plan and execute research-grade hyperspectral remote sensing acquisitions. Ph.D. students from SIOS member institutions who are about to begin careers using remote sensing as an integral part of their research projects can especially benefit from this training course.

Topics covered during the training

  • The training course will include lectures and hands-on sessions focusing on:
  • Introduction to hyperspectral remote sensing (Trond & Agnar)
  • Key data quality parameters in hyperspectral remote sensing (Trond & Agnar)
  • Acquisition of airborne hyperspectral data from Dornier aircraft (Trond & Agnar)
  • Basic processing of hyperspectral data acquired by Dornier aircraft (Trond & Agnar)
  • Applications of hyperspectral data in the Arctic (tbc)
  • Generation of biophysical variables using PRISMA Hyperspectral data (Emiliana)
  • Cal/Val activities using in situ hyperspectral measurements (Sabine & Hans)

Confirmed teachers and speakers (to be updated)

  • Trond Løke, Norsk Elektro Optikk
  • Agnar Sivertsen, NORCE
  • Hans Tømmervik, NINA
  • Emiliana Valentini, CNR
  • Sabine Marty, NIVA
  • Andrea Taramelli, IUSS University, Pavia
  • Luigi Ansalone, Italian Space Agency
  • Shridhar Jawak, SIOS-KC

Target audience
Anyone from Arctic scientists, Ph.D. students, researchers, and technicians with limited or incomplete knowledge of hyperspectral remote sensing data and techniques.


    In the first round of applications, the training course will only be available for employees and students from SIOS member institutions (Is my institution a SIOS member?). If there are still places available after the first round of applications, also applicants from other institutions can apply.

    Please use the webform in the menu to the right to submit your application.

    First round: Open to applicants from SIOS member institutes

    • Application opens 1 June 2021
    • First round closes 15 June 2020
    • Decision: Late July/early August

    Second round: Open for applicants from all institutes (SIOS members and non-SIOS members)

    • Second round opens 15 June
    • Second round closes 30 June
    • Decision: Late July/Early August

    Task force
    This training course is organised by a task force comprised of the following members:

    • Trond Løke, Norsk Elektro Optikk
    • Agnar Sivertsen, NORCE
    • Hans Tømmervik, NINA
    • Bartłomiej Luks, IG-PAS
    • Rosamaria Salvatori, CNR
    • Emiliana Valentini, CNR
    • Sabine Marty, NIVA
    • William Harcourt, University of St Andrews
    • Shridhar Jawak, SIOS-KC

    For more information, please contact Shridhar Jawak (

    Hyperspectral image over Barentsburg acquired in July 2020 by PRISMA satellite sensor Color composite is provided by CNR-ISP and IUSS under ASI License; Original PRISMA Product - © ASI - (2020). All rights reserved.