Airborne remote sensing campaign 2020

Supported projects from the SIOS’s Announcement of Opportunity (AO) in Airborne Remote Sensing-2020:

  1. Mapping surface properties on Lomonosovfonna (SurfPro) Project: PI: Veijo Pohjola
  2. Kongsvegen surge: Digital Elevation Model 2020 (KING_SURGE_DEM2020): PI: Jack Kohler
  3. Airborne Remote Sensing in South of Spitsbergen (current evolution of polar environment) (AirborneSOS): PI: Małgorzata Błaszczyk
  4. Hindcasting and projections of hydro-climatic conditions of Southern Spitsbergen (HyMote): PI: Marta Majerska
  5. The Vanishing White (VANWHITE) - Airborne Remote Sensing campaign Svalbard 2020: PI: Hans Tømmervik
  6. Automatic system for monitoring vegetation and environmental seasonal changes on Svalbard using hyperspectral data (ASMoVEn): PI: Lennart Nilsen
  7. Long term changes in vegetation and permafrost in Rosenbergdalen (Rosenbergdalen): PI: Maarten Loonen
  8. Barnacle Goose Ecology: interactions with a changing environment (GOOSE): PI: Maarten Loonen
  9. Centre for Integrated Remote sensing and Forecasting for Arctic operations (CIRFA): PI: Thomas Kræmer

Map of acquired data during the 2020 campaign (Dornier flights):